Benefits of Pottery

Some of the many benefits of taking up pottery

  • Exploration and experimentation – Pottery expresses your creativity and is a great way for all ages to explore the things they can do. It provides a creative outlet through which you can express yourself in some way.
  • Bolstering self-esteem – Pottery helps you with self-expression, improving confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve attention and focus – Pottery enables you to escape the day-to-day and focus on your creation.
  • Reduce stress – You need to fully focus while you’re making pottery, so outside distractions are reduced.
  • Exercises the hands, wrists, back and arms – Improves strength and promotes joint movement and dexterity.
  • Pottery is a safe pain killer – Pottery reduces stress and pain caused by stress may be alleviated while t in pottery.

You may be more creative than you think!